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  • Dr. Darr is amazing. He listened to my concerns, we discussed care steps and options along the way. I am extremely satisfied with the care I have received and the outcome of my procedure.

    ~ Debra Dickmann ~

  • After 2 months of being released by Dr.Darr, I have very good movement in my shoulder!! Still hurts when I over work or bad weather arrive!! I highly recommend him!!!

    ~ Tracy Stone ~

  • Incredibly talented Dr. I would not have anyone else. I highly recommend him to everyone at any age who requires orthopaedic surgery.

    ~ Sherie Duwe ~

  • I searched for a surgeon with an excellent reputation. Dr. Darr was recommended by both my fellow physicians and also nurses.
    My questions were answered, the surgery went well and my recovery has been as expected. I would recommend Dr. Darr to any patient requiring knee replacement.

    ~ John Cook MD ~

  • Nobody wants knee problems, but since I did, I’m glad that Dr. Darr took care of me! He explained everything through the process. The surgery was so quick! Dr. Darr has been very kind and thorough!

    ~ Patti Kowall ~

  • Dr. Darr replaced my right knee 8 years ago and my left knee 1 year ago. Both knee's turned out great. Dr. Darr always answered my questions and office visits were almost always on time. I would highly recommend him!

    ~ Chuck Walsh ~

  • Dr. Darr was very kind, compassionate and professional through my right knee torn meniscus surgery and recovery process.
    Thank you!

    ~ Brian Pagelsdorf ~

  • I just provided a testimonial of Dr. Darr but I left one thing out that I think is very important. I had total knee replacement and have seen other people that had the same procedure done by other doctors, and there is no comparison in the scars. The scar left after Dr. Darr is hardly noticeable. It...

    ~ lance stelzner ~

  • Dr. Darr is so professional when he described the process of knee replacement, yet he comes across as if was your best friend. His confidence makes you feel that he's got this. the recovery time he told me was spot on. I will have no hesitation when its time for the other knee.

    ~ lance stelzner ~

  • I would like to say that GOD and DR. DARR worked together to give me my life back, I will be forever grateful. Dr. DARR did surgery on my left knee and it feels amazing!!!

    ~ MORGANA Matthews ~

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