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  • As a 76-year old, I had a complete knee replacement, the first surgery I had since I was 10. Dr. Darr did an outstanding job. Six weeks afterwards, with physical therapy, I was walking unassisted and had near-normal flexibility.

    ~ Rick King ~

  • Dr. Darr did an excellent job on my total knee replacement. I highly recommend Dr. Darr. He is very professional and cares about his patients. My knee pain is gone and I have more flexibility in my leg.

    ~ Jim Huppert ~

  • Very Professional. Did an excellent job of replacing both my knees and repaired rotator cuff. GREAT SURGEON!! Very respectful and knowledgeable. Great communicator. I would highly recommend him. Thanks to Dr. Darr, my quality of life has improved tremendously.

    ~ Vera Rhodes ~

  • Dr. Darr is a true professional. He kept me up-to-date with my procedures and everything happened as planned. Quick healing time a major plus. Thanks doc!

    ~ Adam McCoy ~

  • I recently had a surgery for what was described as a “massive” tear in my rotator cuff. Top 3% of the worst according to the doctor. Dr. Darr explained all this pre-surgery and said he would do his best, but to go in knowing I had a very bad tear. Dr. Darr’s surgery was a success!! And while I...

    ~ Rory Orgill ~

  • I have had knee surgery and shoulder surgery with Dr.Darr and I was happy with the results also he's a good doctor very nice and easy to talk to and he listens to what you have to tell him and works with you on the best way to go take care of the problem I will also tell all of my family and friends...

    ~ Marie Rushing ~

  • ~ Torrey Scott ~

  • My rotator cuff surgery was very successful. Very little pain and after 5 months of rehab, good strength and range of motion. Extremely satisfied with Dr. Darr. He is easy going and personable.

    ~ Mark Harrington ~

  • Dr. Darr and his team did an excellent job in all aspects of surgery from the initial consultation through the after care. This would include medical, financial, professional, and personal concerns. At 56 yrs old I was very nervous walking in. I leave feeling confident and blessed. My shoulder is ...

    ~ Rick Klein ~

  • He was verify professional, informative and helpful. I would recommend Dr. Darr to my friend

    ~ Self-verified patient ~

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