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    Comments: I recently had a surgery for what was described as a “massive” tear in my rotator cuff. Top 3% of the worst according to the doctor. Dr. Darr explained all this pre-surgery and said he would do his best, but to go in knowing I had a very bad tear. Dr. Darr’s surgery was a success!! And while I’m still in the recovery/PT phase and will be for several more months, I’m already pleased with the range of motion and more importantly the lack of any pain. Sure, currently my movement is a bit restricted, but that along with strength, improves as the PT continues. Glad to have had the skill of Dr. Darr for my procedure. Everything was well explained pre and post op. I would recommend Dr. Darr as a highly skilled surgeon in this field. No one wants to go through a surgery, but knowing you’re in good hands makes all the difference.